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          Latest Products

          Browse through our catalog of models and find the right Infinuvo Robotic Vacuum for your home.

          The Hovo 700

          The Hovo 700 anti-allergy robotic vacuum features strong suction, plus HEPA filtration to leave your home free of dirt and allergens.

          The QQ 200

          The QQ 200 works great on various hard floor surfaces including hardwood, tile, linoleum and hard carpets.

          The QQ 6

          The QQ 6 is the latest generation of Infinuvo Robotic Vaccums and a great choice for pet owners or people with allergies.

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          Our Awesome Features

          Infinuvo Robotic Vacuums are equipped with advanced features that allow it to sweep, mop, and sanitize all in one step.

          Filter Technology

          Washable filters prevent dust, pet hair, and debris from getting out.

          UV Light

          Ultraviolet light kills germs and disinfects while the unit cleans.

          Voice Feedback

          Voice and chime to guide you through unit operations.

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